Data Recovery Brisbane

Retrieve Lost Data From Failed Hard Disk Drives

Recovery of damaged or deleted files from a working drive

If you have accidently deleted files, are unable to find files, or have corrupted files then we will attempt to recover your data with specialised software. In most cases files are able to be recovered, its important to stop using the hard drive you want to recover from as any additional use could prevent your files from being recovered.

Recovery of data from a damaged or deteriorated drive

If you have a damaged or deteriorated drive, we will use specialised software to recover the data from it. If the hard drive is too damaged we can send it off to a special data recovery lab that has a 95% recovery rate.

What kind of files can we recover?

We can recover all types of files including but not limited to photos and videos, as well as any type of office document such as word, excel, powerpoint and outlook

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