Wireless Network Installation

Cover your house or business with wireless


Does your Internet run slow on your wireless devices? Do your devices lose connection to the Internet in certain parts of your house? FTL Computer Repairs can give your entire property wireless and Internet coverage.

Wireless Property Survey:

What is a wireless survey? It is data generated from software of your entire property that tells you signal strength around your property, Internet speeds you might encounter, an assessment of interference from other adjacent networks and what changes could be made to your existing wifi network to improve overall performance. You can see an example of a map created from a data survey on this page.

Common home network problems:

  • Weak Wi-fi Password
  • Cannot see other computers on the network
  • Slow Internet
  • Router configuration
  • File sharing
  • What solutions are avaliable?

  • Installing Wireless Access Points and Extenders
  • Upgrading to 802.11n, 802.11AC or 802.11AD wireless technology.
  • Determining if 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz is the best for your requirements
  • Using a different from of connectivity such as POE (Power over Ethernet) or a combination
  • Using boosters or directional antennas
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